Twitter Slashes Number of Accounts You Can Follow Per Day From 1000 to 400.

4/9/2019 by Michelle Doeffinger, Triangle Social Media

Twitter is slashing the number of people you can follow per day on their platform from 1000 to 400. Twitter says the reason is because of spammers who follow and then Unfollow accounts (which is called “follower churn”)

The root cause being blamed on bots and spammers. Not sure where they come up with the number 400 or if this will solve the problem? Note: The limit does not apply to verified accounts so if you have the blue checkmark, you can still follow up to 1000 accounts per day. Still, the gross total number of accounts anyone can follow is 5000.

Below is the official tweet sent out by Twitter announcing the new rule:

So, do you think #Instagram will be next⁉️

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