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Meet Michelle Doeffinger

I started off life as a Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy. As a LPN (licensed practical nurse) there and after, I learned great lessons about what makes people tick, as well as how to navigate tasks and people under pressure. Lessons that helped me years later as a homeschool support group director. 

10+ years ago I began to use social media as a way to grow knowledge, and create connections for my homeschool group and church ministries I was involved with. As social media grew, my knowledge and skills grew with it. Pretty soon people were asking me for help. I launched my first meetup to help share information and build in-person connections. 

In 2017 I founded Triangle Social Media, marking my official transition to entrepreneurship! Since then I’ve trained interns who’ve grown into valuable team members, partnered with local business leaders, and become active in local chambers of commerce, all on a path to fulfilling my mission: to simplify clients’ lives while helping them grow their businesses. I would love to help you do the same for your business or organization!