Social media marketing is an essential strategy for helping your brand and business stay in front of prospects and customers, give them more reasons to trust you, and make it easier to interact with them, too.  

It can also be a BIG JOB to stay consistent, fresh, and relevant! And that’s where Triangle Social Media can transform your social media impact and ROI. When you choose us to manage your ongoing social media marketing, we keep it simple and YOU get to relax and focus on other aspects of your business, and watch your impact grow.

Our Process

You choose the platforms you want help with, and how often you want posts to appear.

We’ll help you define your goals and create a content strategy.

We’ll take care of the rest: creating the posts, scheduling them, and monitoring activity.

Platform Management Packages

Fully managed social media posting, monitoring, and interaction. We make sure that your social media presence is active and we interact with your customers when they respond to our posts.

Choose from these leading platforms:

  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Groups
  • Instagram
  • Threads
  • Tik-Tok
  • Twitter Business
  • Pinterest Business
  • YouTube
  • Next Door
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • Google Business Page
  • Yelp

$100 set-up/platform + $600/mo

  • 3 Platform
  • 6 posts/week
  • More posts -$25 each

Example (posts per week)

  • 2 Facebook posts
  • 2 Instagram posts
  • 2 Google Business posts

 $100 set-up/platform + $800/mo

  • 4 Platforms
  • 8 posts/week
  • More posts -$25 each

Example (posts per week)

  • 2 Facebook posts
  • 2 Instagram posts
  • 2 LinkedIn posts
  • 2 Google Business posts

$100 set-up/platform + $1000/mo

  • 4 Platforms
  • 10 posts/week
  • More posts -$25 each

Example (posts per week)

  • 3 Facebook posts
  • 3 Instagram posts
  • 3 LinkedIn posts
  • 1 Google Business post

$100 set-up/platform + $1500/mo

  • 5 Platforms
  • 15 posts/week
  • More posts -$25 each

Example (posts per week)

  • 3 Facebook posts
  • 3 Instagram posts
  • 3 LinkedIn posts
  • 3 X (Twitter) posts
  • 3 Google Business posts

Comprehensive Platform Management Includes:

Active Platform Optimization:

  • Initial social media inspection and optimization.
  • Optimize and update based on platform changes.
  • Keep business details current.
  • Sync with other platforms.

Professional Content Creation:

  • We create content about your business, industry-relevant information, links to articles and posts, and select best hashtags
  • Photo & videos
    • Custom-created images with your content using tools such as Canva, etc.
    • Custom stories for IG and Facebook
    • Videos, Reels, YouTube, etc. video promotions with your content.
  • We help with the monitoring & engagement of managed posts on all platforms.

Lead Generation & Engagement:

  • We engage with followers on each platform: posting, commenting, tagging, “liking” and replying (as your business) per your specifications.
  • We Interact With Industry-related Pages, Groups, And People To Increase Engagement, Followers, And Expand Your Reach Organically.

Social Media Coaching:

  • We share ongoing business-specific ideas, tips, & marketing strategies

Analytic Reporting:

  • Monthly analytics report.
  • Track your likes and follows on each platform.

Brand Reputation Management and Monitoring:

  • Reputation management, reviews, and replies on Google My Business and Facebook

Your happiness is our priority here at Triangle Social Media. If you are happy, then we are happy! We will have monthly scheduled calls to discuss the current results and direction of your brand. This gives us time to build meaningful relationships with our clients because customer relationship management is so important. We don’t look at ourselves as your marketing company, we are your strategic partner and social media coach.

Mobile device screen showing a folder filled with social media icons

Digital Ads Management

Google, Facebook and/or Instagram

Help drive sales, leads, or site traffic: get your business in front of your target audience, including those who are actively searching Google for the products or services you offer!

No Set-Up Fees ~ Minimum 3 months ~ (2 ads/month)

Complete Ad Management includes copy/design, formatting, posting, monitoring, optimizing, of your ads, and results reporting. $750/month

** CLIENT BONUS! Save $250 when you add-on to any Social Media Management package **

Cost of Ads/Media Spending: 

We’ll suggest a media budget (that is, how much to spend each month to reach your audience), but you’re in control at all times, and its billed directly to you – no agency markup!

Not ready for platform management, but still want to be more effective?

You may be interested in:

Social Platform Builds

We’ll get your new business page up and running, linked to your website, and provide a starter set of posts.

Social Media Tune-Ups

We’ll do a full audit of your chosen platform(s) and provide customized guidance for how to optimize platform(s). 

Social Media Sharing

We’ll attract new followers and leads by sharing your Facebook content to targeted groups and pages 20+ times.