How do you know if a social media tune-up is right for you? 

  • You enjoy being active in social media, but you’re not getting the results you want from your business page – especially given the time you put in!
  • Your business page doesn’t look like you want it to, but you’re not sure where to start to make changes, or what would help it be more effective.
  • You’ve had your business page for a few years and haven’t made many changes (even though the platforms have changed a BUNCH in that time).

What’s a Social Media Tune-up?

Social media tune-ups are all about “platform optimization” – we’ll pull all our expertise into one comprehensive audit and action plan, showing you exactly what to do to boost your business presence on whichever platform(s) you choose. 

We give you the pro strategies, you handle the implementation.

We include the following with each tune-up:

  • Complete audit of your chosen platform:
    • Inspection of your Personal Profile (for business owners).
    • Review platform input: Optimize business page theme.
    • Check all links/addresses/contact info/maps/Stories/photos/tagging.
    • Check and review every section in settings.
    • Look for missing tabs in page settings.
    • Test cross-posting with other platforms.
  • Provide a personalized list of suggested strategies for improving your platform management and growth plan.
    • Steps to address any weaknesses, gaps, inaccuracies per audit.
    • Linking business pages with associated Facebook pages and groups.
    • Editing/adding any additional business features or input.
    • And more!
  • PLUS, receive a personalized tutorial coaching video.

Cost per platform


Need help making your platform more powerful?

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