Give your company’s new social media presence the best start possible, with our popular Social Platform Builds service!

Every platform – from Facebook, to LinkedIn to Google Business Pages – has its own style and rules. And users have different expectations and ways of interacting with businesses that show up in their feeds.

One thing that’s similar: visitors feel more trust about a business when its business page has correct and valuable content that’s both professional and in harmony with other brand messages the company shares. It also helps if you’re using the platform’s tools of engagement to make it easy to connect and get more information.

What is a Social Platform Build?

Social Platform Builds is a “done-for-you” service that gives you the best start possible. We do all the heavy lifting to get your new business page up and running, optimized for maximum audience appeal and ready to be an active tool in your marketing toolbox.

We include the following with each build:

  • add photos and all business details, 
  • link to other platforms, 
  • connect links for your website
  • load your draft folder with 3 business posts of engaging content including photo/tags/text.
  • PLUS we also include a personalized coaching tutorial specifically for your business page to teach you to navigate and utilize the features.

Cost per platform


Need help making your platform more powerful?

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