It’s time to boost your Instagram CTA (call to action) power! Instagram is big business, passing the billion-user mark in 2020. Your call-to-action is both the message and whatever tactic you use to prompt someone to take the next step in response to your content. 

Interactions like ❤️ and comments are still important, but if you want to move your business beyond the surface, you’ll need to inspire web page visits, phone calls, appointments, and actual sales. 

As you may know, Instagram gives you just one (1) outgoing link — from your profile. Sure, you can enter a URL in a post, but it won’t be a “tappable” hot link… thus the ever-present Link in Bio you see on so many posts. 

What you need is a workaround.

Thankfully, a whole industry has evolved to provide a range of single-link workarounds that make engaging with your off-platform content, and responding to a call-to-action message, much easier for your followers (and often trackable for you).

I covered one, Linktr.ee, in my article about time-saving solutions last month. That’s a popular, affordable, and simple tool. Here are 5 more for you to consider:

Tools to help users engage, and boost your Instagram CTA power



Many users like this option because it creates an experience that retains the image-rich experience of Instagram, as well as the look and feel of your brand. With one click to your bio, your followers will see a stream with just YOUR images–and a tap on any one of them will take them to the whatever link you choose to associate with that post. Easy-peasy. It’s a smooth, seamless interaction. The first 30 days are free; after that $9.99/mo. Here’s an example…

Instagram CTA tool Linkin.Profile



Imagine taking your followers to a mini landing page in a single tap… that’s Taplink. You’ll have the option to connect to other social sites, chat through messaging apps, integrate with forms and email or CRM registration, and connect to payment systems if you choose to sell directly from there. Taplink ranges from free to $4.50/month (at that level you have access to countdown timers, which is fabulous for creating urgency, and can be a real action-generator!).

Instagram CTA assist tool


Another streamlined solution, easy to use and very affordable, is Lnk.Bio. You can schedule posts, include unlimited links, and if you’re running ads you can track with pixels. Over 90 social, music and contact icons are already loaded — just choose the ones you want and connect. There’s a free version — always nice — but the more useful is either 99cents/month or a one-time payment of $9.99. See how it works:


While simple and easy to use, the format for Tap.Bio is somewhat different from the others: it’s designed around a series of cards — more like swiping through an Instagram image carousel. There are templates to choose from, or you can design your own. Some of its functions are available on the free plan, but a full array of features and unlimited cards will run $12/mo. Get a rundown of the this tool’s capabilities here.



A little more sophisticated an option is Shorby, which gives you the single-tap landing page experience, but with some powerful functionality: you can connect to any content you produce that has an RSS feed (blog posts, Shopify, YouTube, Apple podcasts, etc), giving followers access to dynamic content in your profile that updates automagically. You can add stickers, like price tags, to links. You can also schedule posts (ever thought of doing flash sales? This makes it easy). Shorby starts at $15/mo. Since the main site doesn’t actually answer your questions (only prompts to sign up), here’s a link to the main help page where all the FAQs are available

While this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to options for engaging your followers, these 5 tools are solid options that will each help you boost your call-to-action power in Instagram. Test them out and see which ones fit your style, prompts new marketing ideas, and meets your needs best. From now on, “Link in Bio” doesn’t have to limit you or your business!