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  • 1:1 Social Media Coaching Session


    Need assistance with managing your own social media? Not ready for a monthly package but need some 1:1 help getting organized, synced and connected?

    Schedule a coaching session where I will give you a Social Media Tune-up! I will check all of your platforms while addressing any technical issues and share tips/helps, fixes and ideas to get you in control of your own social media strategy. $200 for a 90 minute session. Includes pre-screen phone call and follow up online support.

  • 1:1 Website Coaching


    ▲1:1 Website Coaching: In person or anywhere via Zoom!
    1hr Session: $100. -or- 2hr Session : $180.00

    • Want to build your own website but need some 1:1 help?
    • Need assistance with managing your existing website? SEO?
    • Not ready for a website design package but need guidance?
    • Schedule a sit-down coaching session where we give you website training based on your specific needs!
    • We can lead you step by step and give you tools to empower you to begin building and managing your site with confidence!