Glass Rocks

Worn by waves 🌊 and recycled by the sea… Bottles, jars and glass are tumbled by the ocean to form these colorful gems 💎 of the shore.

Just as those pieces of glass are polished by the force of the waves in the ocean, churning and turning them into beautiful Jewels …
Your methods, processes, grit 💪🏽 and hustle 👊🏽 ALL shape you into your own business brand.

Those rocks come in different sizes, colors, shapes and varying levels of shine ✨ and texture.

They reflect different aspects of YOU…your face and your personality, your mannerisms and your style, your presence and your engagement, your character and your business ethic, your strength and your level of growth🌱

Collectively, that big bowl of beautiful Sea-glass represents your essence, it represents your brand, it represents YOU!💕

Michelle with Triangle Social Media

A Favorite Quote:

Your smile is your logo
Your face is your business card,
Your personality is your brand,
How you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark!
~Quote by Jay Danzie