Business owners: Staying Connected With Your Team During Covid-19.

Who is YOUR team?
Partners, Clients, Customers. Employees, Business Affiliates, Referral Partners, Suppliers, Micro Influencers, Networking Group Members, Meeting Venues, Contractors, the Public, their Families etc!

Your team needs to hear from you. TELL THEM what you’re doing-
Communicate any changes in processes related to the current situation, as it affects your business including steps and precautions you are taking to Prevent Covid- 19.

Share via email, phone, text, video and website content and maintain a strong social media presence with regular updates, highlighting your:
Business operations, hours, available or changing services, methods and processes, services canceled, placed on hold, or done differently due to the Covid-19 limitations.

Alternative ideas to offer your products or services:
Offer special hours, curbside pick ups, virtual events and meetings, create and bolster your online stores and websites, expand your delivery service, offer free shipping and discounts. Use videos for all meetings, classes, courses, networking and shopping events. 

Support your employees working from home, maintain strong  communication with all people in varying roles related to your business. Brainstorm and listen to ideas for doing business differently in order to continue as much as possible and for as long as possible.

Update your website and social media platforms, posts, ads, email lists, calendar events, blogs and newsletters, email signatures, subscriptions etc.

Overall, continue to offer high value in creative ways and proactively communicate your value clearly and frequently. This will foster a healthy and strong connection with your team; which will, in turn, set the tone for a solid future transition and re-entry.

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