Hit Reset, and Renew in 2021

We’re probably all particularly excited to reset and renew in 2021, but the truth is that I’m eager for the start of every new year—how about you?

Even though there’s no hard line between December 31 and January 1 (except maybe with taxes), the new year brings an opportunity to reset my compass with fresh headings and goals. I get to renew my dedication to my business, as well as how it fits into my life. Because that’s at least one reason we went into business, right? To help create a better life…

I usually start by setting aside an hour or so to ask myself a few questions—like the ones that follow—about my business and life as a whole, and then use what I uncover to lay the groundwork for my plans for the next 3-12 months. It’s a fun and effective way to up my game!

And, to help with the marketing planning side of your business plan, I’ve also arranged for a super-special event: on January 6 at 6pm (in a hybrid event on Zoom AND at Vibe Cary Co-Working) I’m gathering a team of experts to help you with what you need to know in many of the major business and marketing categories (see details and link to register below); I invite you to join us!

Prompts for your own “reset and renew in 2021”

Here are my starter questions: give them a try—and let me know what your biggest discoveries are!

What did I achieve last year? And why do those achievements matter?

Yes, this includes goals like revenue, growth and/or projects completed, but it isn’t limited to them. Last year one of my biggest achievements was staying connected to my family and community despite the pandemic. It matters because the year’s ups and downs drilled home, in new ways, how essential it is to my well-being to stay actively aware of those connections—and not take them for granted.

Am I happy with my business in the major areas of

    • the types (and amount of each type) of work I do;
    • the types (and amount of each type) of clients;
    • the amount of personal time I had;
    • finances;
    • my company culture and team members (for me that’s my collaboration partners)?

And if not, what needs to change?

What mindset, strategies and tactics were most effective, and which were ineffective—or not worth the trade-off in time, money or energy?

When it comes to marketing strategies, I think about each type of marketing separately, and encourage my clients to do the same. When it comes to social media, ask yourself:

  • What have you been sharing—and where?
  • What sort of reach have your posts achieved—and which posts got most traction?
  • What do the posts that got the most engagement or shares have in common?
  • How can I increase the activity that’s working?

What do I want to see happen in 2021? How can I up my game? This is when I decide what to keep doing and what to drop—and brainstorm new and creative ideas for projects, programs and partnerships. And it’s one of the areas where the information we’ll be sharing at the New Year Marketing Expo will come in most useful!

Be Sure to Register for the 2021 New Year Marketing Expo! 

Join me and the amazing team of experts I’ve gathered on January 6 from 6-8:30pm as we help you think through many of the most important strategies for success in the new year. Tickets are just $25—click to get your ticket now!

  • 2021 Business Goals
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube
  • Podcasting
  • Websites
  • Brand Photography
  • Blogging & Newsletters
  • And of course, Social Media—focusing in on Instagram!

Let’s all go out and commit to reset and renew in 2021 and make it a healthy, gratifying, connected, and prosperous year! If you’d like to explore how I can help you reach your social media goals, contact me.

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